Black Clover & Japanese Language Immersion


Today I wanted to share my language learning experience of Black Clover. If you’re a fellow learner of the Japanese language and would like to hear some feedback on this anime, this is the post for you.

I should point out that this is my first anime I ever fully watched with Japanese subtitles. And so, big thanks to Asbplayer and Yomichan for making this possible. Splendid tools for sentence mining.

If you don’t know what they are, in short:

  • Yomichan is an extension which allows you to highlight Japanese words and show you their dictionary translations (alongside also provides amazing shortcuts for adding the word directly into Anki).
  • Asbplayer is an extension which allows you to insert custom subtitle files into a webplayer (also provides handy shortcuts for automatically inserting audio/screenshots into Anki cards)

Not only was watching anime with subtitles suddenly much easier, I could finally do real sentence mining with Anki and extract all the new words I wanted with the shortcuts that the two extensions provided.

Asbplayer + Yomichan are based

The whole experience was super fun and engaging enough to make me say “oh come on, one more episode. *click*” (this is especially true because at some point I even started getting the jokes)

With all this said, it’s totally possible that not everybody will enjoy the anime the same way as I did. Given the preferences, knowledge difference, etc. that we might have. But overall I recommend this anime to anybody who feels that they’re at least N4 or better.

Now, what did I get from this anime?

  • Roughly 200-300 new words
  • Listening and reading skills improved a lot
  • Fun

One step closer to N1 boys. One day one day.

\*Bro fist\*

Wish you a great day, cheers!