It's All About Books


Everything started with walking, understanding what people around me were saying, recognizing the dangers that are out there, learning cultures, to eventually being broad to an institution that’s supposed to teach me about life - school. That’s where I was forced to read. Everyday, non stop, till I reached that deadline and had to write a summary of what I learned during that period. “Is this what life is all about?” I asked myself. “So I will be forced to read books and study topics that I’ve never seen being used in real life for the next 9 years (minimum)?”

I’ve passed the first 9 grades studying my state, basic algebra, sociology, basic law, making a small website, biology, etc. etc. Yet if I was to be tasked with a minor issue in real life, I’d find an excuse that would delay my action or completely throw the problem out of my life altogether. How is it, that most kids nowadays hate learning? The second they hear the word math their first emotions are suffering, pain, and boredom.

We went from encouraging the contributions to humanity to making it seem like it’s the dullest activity someone could be doing to keep themselves busy. In my opinion, we’ve created that by constructing a wrong educational system over time and letting social media companies get away with selling their social platforms to us. “What does social media have to do with learning?” you might ask. Let me reply to that with “When’s the last time you were in the middle of studying something very important, got frusturated at it, and decided to distract yourself for a little while?”

The majority of us does that on a daily basis and we cannot deny the uselessness of social media. No matter how much you try to hide it, you’ll know that most of it does not provide any sort of value whatsoever and is just a time killer engineered in a specific way to extrapolate as many minutes of your attention as possible.

“Oh, but you can educate yourself through social media” - Ignoring sites like Youtube, how in world do you think that those 200 characters that you can fit into your post will give anyone a good understanding of any topic.

“Oh, but I need to talk to my friends” - Yup, ever heard of SMS before? Look, I would totally understand.. if it was just ONE application. Why the fuck does the majority have 4 platforms that all provide the same god damn service. Some alternatives to SMS may include email, IRC, self-hosted chat server (if you know what you’re doing), matrix, etc.

Over the course of my teenagehood I realized how strongly this can impact one’s thinking abilities. In just a span of a year I turned my brain upside down and had completely the opposite opinions from what I used to have before. How did that happen though? Well, I deleted a good part of the social media I used to use, I started investing more time in myself, I started talking and listening to myself, I started seeing failure as the potential to grow rather than what I was taught at school (failure = failed individual), and what I noticed in the last 2 to 4 months was what I now call The Deception of Everything.

Biology, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics!! They are all connected with what I initially thought was the only field I’d ever truly admire and love! Computers! They are all interconnected subjects! A firing of neurons finally made sense! What’s so special about all of those subjects, and.. any subject for that matter!! There’ll always be a reason people have invented it and if I had to study it in school, there was probably a good reason. Because it’s all just connected and interesting! “No shit” you might think, but you see, that’s the problem. The fact that most of the people around me have not realized it by now scares the shit out of me. Or at least.. that’s how it seems.

The mentioned event also occured in the most perfect timing it could have. As I realized it, I was also in the middle of figuring out that books are way more interesting than what I was taught at school. Here, I’m not forced to learn anything, I don’t explore because I have to. I’m doing it because it’s so fun it makes me start laughing by just thinking of it. I felt such an idiot to finally realize how stupidy interesting it actually is I stayed there in my dark room for 5 minutes laughing. And as I’m now scrolling through the Amazon’s homepage of books, I can’t help myself but to smile everytime I see a book that sparkles my interest. And so should you, dear reader :)