Becoming an absolute tech geek


These days finding good content on the Internet is a real challenge. A lot of the times I find myself staring at the monitor wondering what I should search for, just to find that juicy content that goes into the detail of how something works, and also doesn’t annoy me with all the bullshit ads, newsletters, and such.

The original idea for the Internet was really simple, a place for folks to share, store, and find information. It was no more than static websites serving HTML and CSS. Now that we have big tech tracking us on practically every corner of the Internet, it’s really difficult to find a clean resource you could say. Search algorithms prefer clicks, revenue, ADs, and beauty over simplistic but gold content.

If you’re a fellow searching for structured content and want answers RIGHT NOW rather than in the next 10 minutes, here’s what you have to know. Unless you’re a person with serious brain issues, the following applies to you. Your brain is made to be flexible, to adapt to new environments whether they are filled with Netflix & Chill, reading books, doing fun activities, interacting with people, or anything else. And your brain may well have a favorite learning style, but that doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to just that learning style. In fact, you have to challenge your brain to step out of its comfort zone and learn, think, adapt, and consider. That’s why I think learning styles are nothing more than temporary classification of how your brain is preferenced to devour information from the outside world.

I only realized this after coming into I.T., at the beginning I thought that learning was going to be as simple as a watch & learn process. Well, after 5 years of being into I.T., I can safely say that I was wrong. Most learning requires the will to read, explore, dig deeper, and most importantly.. experiment!

If this seems new to you, or even strange, know that it will show up sooner or later in your career and the sooner you start experimenting, the easier and more fun it will be! So why not start today? Get yourself a damn book, go read some research papers online, share, learn, adapt, wonder, and grow! :)

I’ll be leaving you with some good resources that I accumulated over the last year.

Note: will make a resources page eventually.