Treat information with great care lol


0 Favorite English Youtubers

1 Science

2 Favorite Japanese Youtubers

3 IT blogs

  • OH SHINT! It’s a blog
    • Blog full of OSINT resources.
  • Unix Sheikh
    • Articles and tutorials about Open Source, BSD, GNU/Linux administration, pragmatic programming practices.
    • The resources page is yet another gold mine of content.
  • Andy Sloane’s blog
    • Creator of the classy donut.c program 😎
  • Luke Smith
    • Content creator of a lot of different kinds of tutorials regarding internet privacy, Linux, FOSS, and much more.
    • Inspirational and realistic guy. (both highly positive traits in my opinion)
  • Marco Cetica
    • Blog centered around programming, IT, hacking, etc.
    • Found out about him through a Jails (BSD) article that he published on the website.
    • Genuinely helpful and nice guy.
  • Eric’s Random Writings
    • Blog centered around freedom and the Unix philosophy (can’t have enough of these hehe)
  • Segmentation Fault
    • Author: David Jimenez
    • Blog centered around Linux and computers (in majority).
  • Electronics etc…
    • Author: Tom Verbeure
    • Blog centered around electronics, their personal projects, new findings, etc.
  • Computers are bad
    • Author: Jesse B. Crawford
    • Its intent is to show you why, where, and how computers are bad and give you insights into each problem.
    • Expect topics about computer history, computer security, and “constructive” technology criticism.
  • Robert Heaton
    • Author: Robert Heaton
    • Blog centered around their life, being a parent, teaching programming, online tracking & security, economics, writing, privacy, etc.

4 Old-Fashioned Internet

  • Yarchive
    • Large archive of Usenet’s known articles regarding all sorts of topics
  • Wiby
    • Simple search engine for non-commercial and old-fashioned websites.
  • Marginalia Search
    • Simple search engine for non-commercial and old-fashioned websites.
    • Note: Bigger index than Wiby’s

5 Linux & Unix

  • Linux Die Documentation
    • Read the docs!!
  • GNU Manuals
    • Manuals for GNU tools. Useful and worth keeping an eye on.
  • Linux Training
    • Contains useful courses such as: System Administration, Linux Security, Linux Networking, etc.
  • MakeLinux
    • Embedded Linux software development and Linux drivers
  • The Art of Unix Programming
    • Attempts to capture the engineering wisdom and philosophy of the Unix community as it’s applied today.
  • CS4411 Operating Systems Course
    • Principles of the design and implementation of operating systems.
    • Topics include: process management, process scheduling, memory management, I/O, file systems.
    • ⭐ Hint: You can find other CS courses under the same domain using Google Dorks or some scraping of the web ;)

6 Research Paper Resources

  • ArXiv
    • Open-access archive containing content and research papers that are centered around physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitive biology, quantitive finance, statistics, electrical engineering, systems science, and economics.
  • Papers we love
    • A community build around sharing academic computer science papers.
  • Two Minute Papers
    • Youtube channel that showcases and attempts to explain interesting research works.
    • Run by: Károly Zsolnai-Fehér

7 Psychology

8 Talks