Black Clover & Japanese Language Immersion

2023-08-15 | #japanese #knowledge #language_learning #sharing

Today I wanted to share my language learning experience of Black Clover. If you’re a fellow learner of the Japanese language and would like to hear some feedback on this anime, this is the post for you. I should point out that this is my first anime I ever fully watched with Japanese subtitles. And so, big thanks to Asbplayer and Yomichan for making this possible. Splendid tools for sentence mining.

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Fun Spaced Repetition

2023-07-25 | #knowledge #language learning #sharing

Introduction In this post I wanted to share some ideas about language learning gamification with my fellow internet readers. Why? because I think they’re worth a thought or two. I believe they have the potential to improve the language learning field and make it more fun to learn languages (if done right). But honestly, not just the language learning field.. any field that can be studied through spaced repetition in an efficient manner.

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Joyfulness With Language Immersion

2023-05-28 | #japanese #language learning #self-improvement

In this post I’d like to talk about one of the most (in my opinion) joyful moments you’ll ever get when doing language immersion. What exactly inspired me to write this is the fact that I myself have experienced this 1 day before writing this article. For context, I’ve been trying to get a torrent set up on one of my VMs on which I usually host things temporarily, and decided to listen to some japanese music in the background since I knew that this was gonna be a long process.

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TLPI: Linux Signals

2023-04-29 | #linux #linux-programming-interface

0 Introduction I’ve started reading The Linux Programming Interface! And throughout the book I’ll be writing some cool articles regarding new things I learned. The book is being read in no particular order, so expect the articles to follow that non-orderness (if that’s even a word). In this article specifically, however, I’ll be writing about signals. What are signals? How do they work? How to implement them inside my own program?

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Reflections Are Fun

2023-04-21 | #osint #privacy

Honestly, I have no idea if I’m going to come off as a creep by posing this, but I think that reflections are fun scary! I’m not sure how many people are aware of this, but I’m going to share it anyway because it’s a thing I kindof like doing while being bored. One day, I was on the Internet seeing what new things I can learn and explore. I was getting bored.

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Outfucking All Cloud

2023-04-17 | #internet #internet security #privacy

0 Introduction Lately, I’ve been facing a serious issue with my backup system. The problem was the following. I usually keep backups scattered across all of my disks in order to fulfill some basic availability rule. However, the problem arises when you notice that all of those disks are always connected to my computer, which does not have any lightning protection. And since I’ve been getting quite cautious about my spendings, I’d rather avoid buying a surge protector of some sort.

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Secure Linux Setup

2023-04-12 | #internet security #linux #privacy

This post is dedicated to the ones that have been in the Linux game for years now or have just started experimenting, but don’t have a very secure system. But wait, what do I mean by secure? Well, a lot of factors come down to how secure your system is. And by no means I’m claiming that this will be a guide to perfect security. Let alone perfect anonymity. That’s simply because you cannot be 100% secure and anonymous online.

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It's All About Books

2023-04-09 | #knowledge

Everything started with walking, understanding what people around me were saying, recognizing the dangers that are out there, learning cultures, to eventually being broad to an institution that’s supposed to teach me about life - school. That’s where I was forced to read. Everyday, non stop, till I reached that deadline and had to write a summary of what I learned during that period. “Is this what life is all about?

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Switching to Linux

2023-04-08 | #linux

Classy meme, innit? Going from hearing about this word “Linux” from one of my computer geek friends, to installing it as my first VM, to making the switch, to then spread the word about how cool it is and the practical benefits that it can provide. I love Linux! And I got tied into it’s ecosystem so hard that going back to Windows would instantly harm my productivity and make everything much more difficult.

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Becoming an absolute tech geek

2023-04-08 | #internet

These days finding good content on the Internet is a real challenge. A lot of the times I find myself staring at the monitor wondering what I should search for, just to find that juicy content that goes into the detail of how something works, and also doesn’t annoy me with all the bullshit ads, newsletters, and such. The original idea for the Internet was really simple, a place for folks to share, store, and find information.

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