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Floppy reader positioned on my 2 year old custom-built PC. What an occurrence! The old meets the new hahah -- truncated

Information Scarcity

I will not be picking battles between the extreme right or left side of the political spectrum. In fact, I will merely try to report on the negative impacts that capitalism has had on this astounding technology, referred to as “the internet”. -- truncated

OpenSSL Notes and Resources

Note: This article will get updates over time as I continue on reading the source code of the OpenSSL project. -- truncated

The Hacker Mindset

Image credit: AT&T Tech Channel - Cliff Stoll: Good Science First, there comes excruciating pain. Suddenly, an eye blinding flash travels across his eyes. -- truncated

The Machinery of Life

For my 18th birthday, I asked my relatives for some books that I have not gotten to yet in my read list. -- truncated

Weekend Reseach

If anybody is going through this weekend endlessly searching for purpose, here is some material your brain might find appealing: -- truncated

Black Clover & Japanese Language Immersion

Today I wanted to share my language learning experience of Black Clover. If you are a fellow learner of the Japanese language and would like to hear some feedback on this anime, this is the post for you. -- truncated

Fun Spaced Repetition

Introduction In this post I wanted to share some ideas about language learning gamification with my fellow internet readers. Why? because I think they are worth a thought or two. -- truncated

Joyfulness With Language Immersion

In this post I would like to talk about one of the most (in my opinion) joyful moments you will ever get when doing language immersion. -- truncated

TLPI: Linux Signals

0 Introduction I have started reading The Linux Programming Interface! And throughout the book I will be writing some cool articles regarding new things I learned. -- truncated

Reflections Are Fun

Honestly, I have no idea if I am going to come off as a creep by posing this, but I think that reflections are fun scary! -- truncated

Outfucking All Cloud

Introduction Lately, I have been facing a serious issue with my backup system. The problem was the following. I usually keep backups scattered across all of my disks in order to fulfill some basic availability rule. -- truncated

Secure Linux Setup

This post is dedicated to the ones that have been in the Linux game for years now or have just started experimenting, but do not have a very secure system. -- truncated


Everything started with walking, understanding what people around me were saying, recognizing the dangers that are out there, learning cultures, to eventually being broad to an institution that is supposed to teach me about life - school. -- truncated

Switching to Linux

Going from hearing about this word “Linux” from one of my computer geek friends, to installing it as my first VM, to making the switch, to then spread the word about how cool it is and the practical benefits that it can provide. -- truncated

Good Content

These days finding good content on the internet is a real challenge. A lot of the times I find myself staring at the monitor wondering what I should search for, just to find that juicy content that goes into the detail of how something works, and also does not annoy me with advertisements, newsletters, and the like. -- truncated